The Big Idea with Barry Scott

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The Big Idea with Barry Scott

Genre: Speaker / Theater / Community Involvement

Show Details: All Ages / 7:00pm – 10:00pm / New Era Ballroom 

Ticket # 1 – $25 includes show only
Ticket # 2 – $50 includes show, dinner, tax + grat
– must check in by 6pm for meal
– meal includes choice of drink (soft drink, juice) and choice of entree (Half Fried Chicken, Smoked Turkey, Griddle Bowl, Roasted Curried Cauliflower or Woolworth Burger + dessert)


Join us in September for The Big Idea with Barry Scott. At each iteration of the series, Barry Scott, acclaimed Nashville producer and actor, will guide the audience on a journey through time and imagination, visiting the past, present, and future through a multi-faceted stage performance.

The audience is invited to participate in a post-performance discussion as Barry facilitates civil conversations about each production’s historic theme.

September’s performance theme is a tribute to the life & times of Rosa Parks.

 $5 of every ticket is donated to the American Negro Playwright Theatre. Founded 20 years ago by Barry Scott, the ANPT has been a foremost purveyor of great contemporary black dramas, and their mission is to bridge the work of African American artists and the next level of professional artistic sustainability. For more information, visit www.theanpt.wordpress.com.

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