Welcome to Woolworth on 5th, your source for the latest news, reviews, and information about the restaurant industry. We’re a team of passionate foodies who love dining out, trying new cuisines, and staying on top of the latest happenings in the world of restaurants.

Our blog covers everything from chef interviews and new menu rollouts, to restaurant openings/closings and industry trends. We visit restaurants in our city and around the world, giving you an insider’s look at the dining experience. From food quality to service and ambiance, we’ll give you the scoop so you know where to go for your next great meal.

Woolworth on 5th was founded in 2023 by Robert, a long-time restaurant enthusiast and home cook. After years of eating out several times a week, Robert wanted to share reviews, recipes, and knowledge with fellow food-lovers. The blog has now grown to include a small team of writers who are all passionate about the intersection of food, arts, culture, and travel.

Our goal is to provide readers with well-researched, honest opinions and coverage of the restaurant world. We focus on destinations in Nashville, but also cover restaurant news worldwide. Whether you’re a chef, owner, industry worker, or simply love dining out, we hope this blog becomes a valuable resource and forum. Thank you for reading!

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