Starbucks’ Fresas Con Crema is a delicious and refreshing blended iced beverage that combines sweet strawberry and creamy milk. If you’re wondering what exactly this pink drink is and want to know how you can order it, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a quick answer: Starbucks’ Fresas Con Crema is a blended strawberry milkshake made with strawberry purée, milk, ice, and a bit of sugar. It’s been on the Starbucks secret menu for years but was officially added to the menu recently due to its popularity.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about the Fresas Con Crema drink from Starbucks, including its history, ingredients, nutrition facts, how to order, and even some tips for customizing your own.

The History of the Fresas Con Crema Drink

The Fresas Con Crema drink is a popular drink at Starbucks that combines the sweetness of strawberries with the creamy richness of whipped cream. This refreshing beverage has a rich history that dates back to its origins on the secret menu.

How the Drink Originated on the Secret Menu

Like many other Starbucks creations, the Fresas Con Crema drink started as a secret menu item. It was first introduced by creative baristas who wanted to experiment with different flavors and combinations.

The drink quickly gained popularity among customers who were looking for something unique and delicious.

The Fresas Con Crema drink is made by blending fresh strawberries with milk and ice, creating a smooth and creamy base. It is then topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of strawberry syrup for added sweetness.

The result is a heavenly combination of fruity and creamy flavors that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Customers who were in the know would often ask for the Fresas Con Crema drink by name, even though it wasn’t officially listed on the menu. The demand for this delicious beverage eventually caught the attention of Starbucks, leading to its official inclusion on the menu.

When Starbucks Added it to the Official Menu

Due to its popularity and customer demand, Starbucks made the decision to add the Fresas Con Crema drink to its official menu. This move allowed more customers to enjoy the delightful flavors of strawberries and cream in a convenient and accessible way.

Since being added to the official menu, the Fresas Con Crema drink has become a staple for many Starbucks lovers. Its unique flavor combination and refreshing taste make it a perfect choice for those looking to cool down on a hot summer day or satisfy their sweet cravings.

Starbucks continues to innovate and introduce new and exciting drinks to its menu, but the Fresas Con Crema drink remains a fan favorite. Whether you’re a long-time Starbucks customer or a newcomer to the world of specialty beverages, be sure to give this delicious drink a try!

Ingredients in the Fresas Con Crema

Strawberry Purée

The Fresas Con Crema drink from Starbucks features a delicious strawberry purée as one of its key ingredients. This purée is made from fresh strawberries that are carefully selected for their sweetness and flavor. The strawberries are pureed to create a smooth and luscious base for the drink.

The strawberry purée adds a burst of fruity goodness and vibrant color to the Fresas Con Crema.


Milk is an essential ingredient in the Fresas Con Crema drink. It adds a creamy and smooth texture to the beverage, complementing the fruity sweetness of the strawberry purée. Starbucks uses high-quality milk to ensure that every sip of the Fresas Con Crema is rich and indulgent.

Whether you prefer regular dairy milk or a plant-based alternative like almond or oat milk, you can customize your Fresas Con Crema to suit your taste and dietary preferences.


A touch of sweetness is added to the Fresas Con Crema with the inclusion of sugar. The amount of sugar can vary depending on your preference, but Starbucks strives to strike a balance between sweetness and the natural flavors of the strawberries.

If you prefer a less sweet option, you can always ask for less sugar or opt for a sugar-free alternative like stevia or a sugar substitute. The sugar enhances the overall taste and enjoyment of the Fresas Con Crema.


To keep the Fresas Con Crema refreshingly cool, ice is added to the drink. The ice helps to chill the beverage and create a satisfyingly cold sensation as you sip on it. It also adds volume to the drink, making it more substantial and filling.

The ice in the Fresas Con Crema ensures that you can enjoy this delightful treat even on the hottest of days.

Nutrition Information

Calories and Macros

When it comes to the Starbucks’ Fresas Con Crema drink, it’s important to be aware of its nutritional content. This refreshing beverage is made with a combination of strawberries, cream, and a hint of vanilla syrup.

While it may be tempting to indulge in this fruity treat, it’s essential to understand its calorie and macro breakdown.

A grande-sized Fresas Con Crema drink contains approximately 300 calories. The fat content is around 15 grams, with 9 grams of saturated fat. It also provides 36 grams of carbohydrates, including 34 grams of sugar. In terms of protein, you’ll find about 4 grams in this beverage.

It’s important to note that these values may vary slightly depending on the specific ingredients used and any customizations you make to your order. If you’re looking to reduce the calorie or sugar content, you can always opt for a smaller size or ask for less syrup in your drink.

Is it Keto-Friendly?

For those following a ketogenic or low-carb diet, it’s essential to know if Starbucks’ Fresas Con Crema drink fits into their dietary restrictions. Unfortunately, this particular beverage is not considered keto-friendly due to its high sugar content.

A ketogenic diet typically requires individuals to limit their carbohydrate intake to achieve a state of ketosis. With 34 grams of sugar in the grande-sized Fresas Con Crema drink, it exceeds the recommended daily allowance for most keto dieters.

Consuming this drink may kick you out of ketosis and hinder your progress.

If you’re looking for a keto-friendly option at Starbucks, consider ordering an unsweetened iced coffee or tea with a splash of heavy cream. These options are lower in carbohydrates and sugar, making them a better fit for those following a ketogenic lifestyle.

How to Order the Fresas Con Crema Drink

Ordering In-Store

Ordering the delicious Fresas Con Crema drink at Starbucks is a breeze when you visit one of their stores. Simply approach the counter and let the friendly barista know that you would like to order the Fresas Con Crema drink.

They will guide you through the process and ensure that your drink is made to perfection. Don’t be shy to ask any questions or make any modifications to your order, as Starbucks prides itself on providing customizable options to cater to your taste preferences.

Ordering on the Mobile App

If you prefer the convenience of ordering ahead or using the Starbucks Mobile App, you can easily order the Fresas Con Crema drink from the comfort of your own home or on the go. Simply open the app, browse the menu, and select the Fresas Con Crema drink.

You will be prompted to choose your size and any additional modifications or customizations you desire. Once your order is placed, you can then pick it up at the designated Starbucks location of your choice. It’s that simple!

What Size Options Are Available?

Starbucks offers a range of size options for the Fresas Con Crema drink, ensuring that there is a size to suit every preference. You can choose from the classic Tall, which is 12 ounces, the Grande, which is 16 ounces, or the Venti, which is 20 ounces.

Whether you’re looking for a smaller treat or a larger indulgence, Starbucks has you covered.

Customizations and Variations

Making it Vegan

For those who follow a vegan lifestyle, Starbucks’ Fresas Con Crema drink can be easily customized to fit your dietary preferences. Instead of using dairy-based cream, you can request to substitute it with a plant-based alternative, such as almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk.

These options provide a creamy texture and enhance the fruity flavors of the drink without compromising its taste. So, whether you’re lactose intolerant or simply prefer a vegan option, Starbucks has got you covered!

Adding Protein Powder

If you’re looking to give your Fresas Con Crema drink an extra boost of nutrition, consider adding protein powder. This customization is especially beneficial for those who lead an active lifestyle or are looking to increase their protein intake.

By incorporating protein powder, you can transform this refreshing beverage into a satisfying and nourishing post-workout treat. Just make sure to choose a flavor that complements the strawberries and cream for a harmonious taste experience.

Trying Different Milks

One of the great things about Starbucks is their commitment to offering a wide range of milk options. When it comes to the Fresas Con Crema drink, you can experiment with different types of milk to discover your favorite combination.

Whether you prefer the creaminess of whole milk, the nutty flavor of almond milk, or the subtle sweetness of oat milk, there’s a milk option that will suit your taste buds. Don’t be afraid to try something new and find your perfect match!


Starbucks’ creamy and dreamy Fresas Con Crema drink is the perfect treat for strawberry lovers. With its origins on the secret menu, customizability, and recent addition to the permanent offerings, the Fresas Con Crema has developed quite a fanbase of Starbucks customers.

The next time you visit Starbucks, give this pink beauty a try. Whether you order it original or customize it to your liking, the Fresas Con Crema is sure to satisfy your cravings for something sweet and fruity.

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