Whipped cream is one of the most popular coffee drink toppings, adding a sweet, creamy flavor to favorite beverages. But for those avoiding dairy, a dollop of whipped cream can be off limits. If you’ve ever wondered whether the whipped cream at Starbucks is dairy free, this comprehensive guide has the answers you need.

The quick answer is: Most Starbucks whipped creams contain dairy, but the coffee chain does offer dairy-free whipped cream options. Keep reading to learn more about the ingredients in Starbucks’ whipped cream, find out which menu items feature non-dairy whipped cream, and get tips for customizing your Starbucks drink order to be dairy-free.

What Is In Starbucks Whipped Cream?

Starbucks offers different types of whipped cream options to cater to various dietary needs and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into each type:

Regular Whipped Cream

The regular whipped cream served at Starbucks is made with dairy ingredients. It is a blend of heavy cream and vanilla syrup, giving it a creamy and sweet flavor. The dairy content in the regular whipped cream makes it unsuitable for those with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies.

Lightly Sweet Whipped Cream

For those looking for a lighter option, Starbucks also offers a lightly sweet whipped cream. This variation contains a reduced amount of sugar compared to the regular whipped cream, appealing to individuals who are watching their sugar intake.

However, it still contains dairy and may not be suitable for those with dairy restrictions.

Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup Whipped Cream

If you are looking for a dairy-free whipped cream option at Starbucks, the sugar-free vanilla syrup whipped cream might be a suitable choice. This variation is made without dairy ingredients and is sweetened with sugar-free vanilla syrup.

It provides a creamy texture and a hint of sweetness without the dairy content. It is important to note that while this whipped cream option is dairy-free, it may still be processed in facilities that handle dairy products, so cross-contamination is possible.

It’s always a good idea to check with the barista or refer to the official Starbucks website for the most up-to-date information on ingredients and potential allergens. Starbucks

Does Starbucks Have Dairy-Free Whipped Cream?

Many people who follow a dairy-free diet often wonder if they can enjoy whipped cream at Starbucks. The good news is that Starbucks does offer dairy-free options for whipped cream, allowing lactose-intolerant or vegan customers to still enjoy their favorite beverages with a creamy topping.

Starbucks understands the importance of catering to a diverse range of dietary preferences and has made efforts to provide alternatives to traditional dairy products.

Soy Whipped Cream

One of the dairy-free whipped cream options available at Starbucks is made with soy milk. Soy milk is a popular non-dairy alternative that is made from soybeans. It has a creamy texture and can be whipped to create a delicious and fluffy topping for your coffee or other beverages.

This soy whipped cream provides a great alternative for those who are allergic to dairy or prefer not to consume animal products. It adds a delightful touch to your Starbucks experience without compromising on flavor or texture.

Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

In addition to soy whipped cream, Starbucks also offers a dairy-free whipped cream option made with coconut milk. Coconut milk is another popular plant-based alternative that is known for its rich and creamy consistency.

It is made from the flesh of mature coconuts and has a slightly sweet and tropical flavor. The coconut milk whipped cream at Starbucks adds a unique twist to your favorite beverages, giving them a subtle coconutty taste.

It’s a perfect choice for those who enjoy the tropical flavors and want to avoid dairy products.

Both the soy whipped cream and coconut milk whipped cream options at Starbucks are carefully crafted to provide a satisfying alternative for customers with dietary restrictions or preferences. They are made with high-quality ingredients to ensure a delicious and creamy experience.

Whether you choose soy or coconut milk whipped cream, you can enjoy your Starbucks beverage with a dairy-free topping that adds that extra touch of indulgence.

For more information about Starbucks’ dairy-free options, you can visit their official website here.

Starbucks Drinks with Non-Dairy Whipped Cream

For those who are lactose intolerant or follow a dairy-free diet, finding options at popular coffee chains like Starbucks can be a challenge. One common question that arises is whether Starbucks whipped cream is dairy-free.

Here is a detailed guide to help you navigate through Starbucks’ menu and find drinks that come with non-dairy whipped cream.

Cold Brews

If you’re a fan of cold brew coffee, there are options available at Starbucks that come with non-dairy whipped cream. One popular choice is the Cold Brew with Cinnamon Almondmilk Foam. This refreshing beverage combines the smoothness of cold brew with a hint of sweetness from cinnamon and the creaminess of almond milk foam.

It’s a dairy-free delight that you can enjoy guilt-free.

Another option is the Cold Brew with Dark Cocoa Almondmilk Foam. This drink features a rich and decadent dark cocoa almond milk foam that adds a velvety texture to your cold brew. It’s perfect for chocolate lovers looking for a dairy-free indulgence.


Frappuccinos are a popular choice at Starbucks, especially during the summer months. Luckily, there are frappuccino options available with non-dairy whipped cream. One delicious option is the Mocha Frappuccino with Coconut Milk.

This creamy and chocolatey treat is topped with non-dairy whipped cream, making it a dairy-free delight.

For those who prefer a fruity twist, the Strawberry Frappuccino with Almond Milk is a great choice. This refreshing beverage is topped with non-dairy whipped cream and combines the sweetness of strawberries with the creaminess of almond milk.

Hot Coffees

If you’re in the mood for a hot coffee, there are options available at Starbucks that come with non-dairy whipped cream. One popular choice is the Hot Chocolate with Soy Milk. This classic beverage is topped with non-dairy whipped cream, adding a touch of indulgence to your hot chocolate experience.

Another option is the Caramel Macchiato with Coconut Milk. This creamy and caramel-y drink is topped with non-dairy whipped cream, making it a delicious dairy-free option for caramel lovers.

It’s important to note that while Starbucks offers non-dairy whipped cream, there may still be a possibility of cross-contamination with dairy products. If you have severe allergies or dietary restrictions, it’s always a good idea to reach out to Starbucks or check their website for more information on their ingredient sourcing and preparation methods.

For more information on Starbucks’ menu and options for dairy-free whipped cream, you can visit their official website at www.starbucks.com/menu.

Remember, whether you’re lactose intolerant or simply prefer a dairy-free lifestyle, Starbucks has options for you. Enjoy your favorite drinks with non-dairy whipped cream and indulge in a delicious coffee experience.

Customizing Your Starbucks Order for Dairy-Free Whipped Cream

For those who are lactose intolerant or follow a dairy-free diet, it’s important to know whether Starbucks whipped cream is dairy-free. Thankfully, Starbucks offers alternatives to their traditional dairy-based whipped cream, making it possible for everyone to enjoy a delicious, customized beverage.

Here are some tips on how to customize your Starbucks order for dairy-free whipped cream.

Ask for Non-Dairy Whipped Cream

When placing your order at Starbucks, don’t hesitate to ask for non-dairy whipped cream. Starbucks offers a variety of non-dairy milk options, such as almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk. These non-dairy milk alternatives can be used to make whipped cream substitutes that are just as creamy and delicious as the traditional dairy version.

Simply request your preferred non-dairy milk for your whipped cream, and the barista will be happy to accommodate your request.

Avoid Dairy-Containing Drinks

If you want to ensure that your Starbucks beverage is completely dairy-free, it’s important to avoid drinks that already contain dairy. Some popular Starbucks drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos, are typically made with dairy milk.

Instead, opt for drinks that are naturally dairy-free, such as iced coffees, teas, or refreshers. These drinks can still be customized with non-dairy whipped cream to add a creamy and indulgent touch.

Check Modified Menu Offerings

Starbucks is known for its extensive menu, and they often introduce new offerings to cater to different dietary preferences. Check Starbucks’ official website or mobile app for any modified menu options that specifically cater to dairy-free customers.

These modified menu items may already include non-dairy whipped cream as an option, making it easier for you to customize your order without any special requests. Keep an eye out for limited-time promotions or seasonal offerings that may feature dairy-free whipped cream as well.

Remember, always communicate your dietary needs and preferences clearly to the barista when placing your order. They are trained to accommodate various dietary restrictions and will ensure that your drink is prepared to your specifications.

Enjoy your Starbucks beverage with dairy-free whipped cream and savor every sip!

Dairy-Free Whipped Cream Options to Add at Home

Coconut Whipped Cream

If you’re looking for a delicious dairy-free whipped cream alternative, look no further than coconut whipped cream. Made from the creamy goodness of coconut milk, this option is perfect for those with lactose intolerance or who choose to follow a vegan lifestyle.

Coconut whipped cream has a rich and fluffy texture that pairs perfectly with desserts like pies, cakes, and hot beverages. You can easily make it at home by refrigerating a can of full-fat coconut milk overnight, then scooping out the solid cream and whipping it with a mixer until it reaches the desired consistency.

Add a touch of sweetener and vanilla extract for extra flavor, and you’ll have a delightful topping that everyone will enjoy!

Cashew Whipped Cream

Another fantastic dairy-free whipped cream option is cashew whipped cream. Cashews are known for their creamy texture and mild flavor, making them an excellent choice for creating a luscious topping. To make cashew whipped cream, soak raw cashews in water overnight to soften them.

Drain the water and blend the cashews with a little bit of non-dairy milk, sweetener, and vanilla extract until smooth and creamy. The result is a velvety whipped cream that can be used to enhance the taste of your favorite desserts or beverages.

It’s a great alternative for those looking to avoid dairy products without compromising on taste.

Aquafaba Whipped Cream

If you’re searching for a unique dairy-free whipped cream option, aquafaba whipped cream might be just what you need. Aquafaba is the liquid leftover from cooking chickpeas, and it can be used as an egg white substitute in various recipes.

Surprisingly, it can also be whipped to create a light and fluffy whipped cream-like texture. To make aquafaba whipped cream, simply drain the liquid from a can of chickpeas and whip it in a stand mixer or with a hand mixer until it forms stiff peaks.

Sweeten with your preferred sweetener and add a dash of vanilla extract for flavor. Aquafaba whipped cream is not only dairy-free but also a great option for those looking to reduce food waste!

These dairy-free whipped cream options offer a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional dairy-based whipped cream. Whether you choose coconut, cashew, or aquafaba whipped cream, you can enjoy the same creamy texture and delightful taste without any dairy ingredients.

Experiment with different flavors, toppings, and desserts to find your favorite combination. So go ahead and indulge in a guilt-free treat with these dairy-free whipped cream options!


So is Starbucks whipped cream dairy-free? While most standard whipped creams at Starbucks contain dairy ingredients, the coffee shop does provide soy and coconut milk-based whipped topping alternatives.

By customizing your drink order and requesting non-dairy whipped cream, you can still enjoy the creamy topping on your morning brew or an afternoon Frappuccino. With the right modifications and at-home additions, you don’t have to miss out on whipped cream if avoiding dairy.

The bottom line: Starbucks can make your favorite coffee drink topped with whipped cream, even if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant. Be sure to specify “non-dairy whipped cream” or one of the dairy-free varieties when ordering to get the perfect dairy-free sip.

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