If you’re in a rush and just want the quick answer – sadly, Target Starbucks locations do not accept EBT payments. But don’t worry, in this complete guide we’ll go through all the details on EBT payments at Target Starbucks, look at why Target Starbucks can’t take EBT, alternative payment options, and even some tips to maximize your EBT benefits when shopping at Target.

We all know the amazing Target Starbucks locations that we love to visit inside Target stores. With tasty drinks and snacks, it’s a convenient spot to grab a caffeine boost while running errands at Target. But can you pay for your favorite Starbucks treats with your EBT card? Let’s find out…

Does Target Starbucks Accept EBT Payments?

EBT, or Electronic Benefit Transfer, is a system that allows individuals and families who qualify for government assistance programs, such as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), to purchase eligible food items using a debit-like card.

Many people wonder if Target Starbucks accepts EBT payments. Let’s take a closer look.

Target Starbucks Locations Do Not Take EBT

Unfortunately, Target Starbucks locations do not accept EBT payments. While Target stores themselves may accept EBT, the Starbucks cafes located inside Target stores operate as separate entities and have their own payment policies.

Therefore, if you are planning to use your EBT card to purchase food or beverages at a Target Starbucks, you will need to have an alternative form of payment.

Target Stores Accept EBT, But Not Target Starbucks

It’s important to note that Target stores themselves do accept EBT payments for eligible food items. This means that you can use your EBT card to purchase groceries and other food items at a Target store, just not at the Starbucks cafe within the store.

So, if you’re looking to use your EBT benefits at Target, be sure to head to the grocery section rather than the Starbucks counter.

It’s always a good idea to check with your local Target store or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information on their EBT acceptance policies. Some states may have specific rules or restrictions regarding EBT usage at certain retailers, so it’s best to be informed before making any purchases.

For more information on EBT and its usage, you can visit the official website of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service at www.fns.usda.gov/snap/ebt.

Why Target Starbucks Doesn’t Accept EBT

Target Starbucks, like many other Starbucks locations, does not accept Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) as a form of payment. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that Target Starbucks operates as licensed stores, which means they have different payment systems than traditional Starbucks locations.

Target Starbucks Operates as Licensed Stores

Target Starbucks stores are not owned and operated directly by Starbucks Corporation. Instead, they are licensed stores, meaning that they are operated by Target under a licensing agreement with Starbucks.

This allows Target to offer Starbucks products and branding within their stores, but it also means that they have different policies and systems in place compared to traditional Starbucks locations.

As licensed stores, Target Starbucks locations have more autonomy when it comes to their operations. They are able to make decisions about what payment methods they accept based on their own business needs and strategies.

While some Target Starbucks locations may accept certain forms of payment, such as debit or credit cards, they do not accept EBT as a form of payment.

Licensed Stores Have Different Payment Systems

One of the main reasons why Target Starbucks doesn’t accept EBT is because licensed stores have different payment systems than traditional Starbucks locations. Target uses its own payment processing system, separate from Starbucks’ corporate system.

This means that the payment methods accepted at Target Starbucks may not align with those accepted at other Starbucks locations.

Target’s payment system is designed to accommodate the various products and services offered within their stores, including Starbucks beverages and food items. While they may accept traditional forms of payment, such as cash, debit, and credit cards, they do not accept EBT as a form of payment due to the limitations of their system.

Target Starbucks Must Follow Corporate Starbucks Policies

Although Target Starbucks operates as licensed stores, they still need to adhere to certain corporate policies set by Starbucks Corporation. This includes following guidelines related to product quality, branding, and customer service.

However, when it comes to payment methods, Target Starbucks has the flexibility to make decisions based on their own business strategy.

Starbucks Corporation, as a whole, does not accept EBT as a form of payment at their traditional locations. This policy extends to licensed stores as well. Therefore, even if a Target Starbucks location wanted to accept EBT, they would not be able to do so due to the overarching policy set by Starbucks Corporation.

Alternate Payment Options at Target Starbucks

Pay With Cash at Target Starbucks

If you don’t have a credit or debit card, don’t worry! Target Starbucks accepts cash as a payment option. Simply order your favorite beverage or snack at the counter and hand over your cash to the friendly barista. They will process your order and provide you with your items. It’s as simple as that!

So, next time you’re at Target and in need of a caffeine fix, just bring along some cash and enjoy your favorite Starbucks drink.

Use Your EBT Card Elsewhere at Target

While Target Starbucks does not currently accept EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) cards as a form of payment, you can still use your EBT card to purchase eligible food items at other locations within Target.

Target has a wide selection of groceries, including fresh produce, dairy products, and pantry essentials, making it a convenient option for those who rely on EBT benefits. It’s important to note that EBT cards cannot be used for non-food items such as clothing or electronics.

Order Target Starbucks Delivery Through Uber Eats

If you prefer the convenience of having your Starbucks delivered to your doorstep, you’re in luck! Target Starbucks has partnered with Uber Eats to offer delivery services. Simply download the Uber Eats app, enter your location, and browse the menu options from Target Starbucks.

Place your order, pay through the app, and sit back while your favorite Starbucks treats are delivered to you. It’s a great option for those days when you’re unable to make it to the store but still crave that delicious Starbucks taste.

For more information on Target’s payment options and services, you can visit the official Target website here.

Tips to Maximize Your EBT Benefits at Target

If you are a recipient of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as EBT, you may be wondering how to make the most of your benefits while shopping at Target. Here are some tips to help you maximize your EBT benefits at Target and make your shopping experience easier and more efficient.

Look for EBT Eligible Food Items at Target

Target offers a variety of food items that are eligible for purchase with EBT benefits. These include fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, bread, and cereals. When shopping at Target, look for the “EBT Accepted” signs or labels on the shelves or ask a store associate for assistance.

By choosing EBT eligible food items, you can ensure that your benefits are being used for nutritious and essential groceries.

Check if Your State Offers Restaurant Meal Programs

Some states have Restaurant Meal Programs (RMP) that allow EBT recipients to use their benefits to purchase prepared meals at participating restaurants. These programs are especially helpful for individuals who may not have access to a kitchen or who are unable to cook their own meals.

To find out if your state offers this program, visit the official website of your state’s SNAP or EBT program. The website will provide you with a list of participating restaurants and information on how to use your EBT card for restaurant purchases.

Use Cash Benefits for Target Starbucks

Did you know that you can use your EBT cash benefits at Target Starbucks? Target stores with Starbucks locations accept EBT cash benefits for eligible food and beverages. This means that you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or a snack from Starbucks using your EBT card.

However, it is important to note that EBT cash benefits cannot be used to purchase non-food items or items that are not eligible for EBT. So, next time you’re at Target and in need of a caffeine boost, don’t forget to swing by Starbucks and use your EBT cash benefits!


To wrap it up – Target Starbucks locations cannot accept EBT electronic benefits as payment. This is due to their status as licensed stores under the corporate Starbucks policies. But the good news is that you have plenty of options to enjoy Starbucks drinks using your EBT benefits at Target, like using cash benefits or ordering delivery.

With a little planning, you can find ways to maximize your EBT food benefits while shopping at Target. Hopefully this guide gave you all the details to answer whether Target Starbucks takes EBT. Happy sipping!

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