Nashville is full of restaurants, from small lounges to prestigious upscale fine dining restaurants with impeccable eating experiences. However, nowadays, especially with various veterinary and food restrictions, it’s difficult to find decent restaurants where your furry friend can accompany you. Currently, it’s only possible to bring dogs to restaurants that have eating space outside, with a garden or a patio.

That being said, it’s impossible to find a restaurant where a dog can eat inside in the United States. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) passed a law where dogs and other pets are prohibited from eating in restaurants. The only exception is the pet being a service dog as you’d perhaps need their assistance while eating.

However, the law allows pet owners to bring their furry best friend to the restaurant if they would be seated outside, on the patio, or elsewhere. Even though the prohibition is in place, but allowance for dogs to be outside, only 17 states in the USA made laws that allow pets to be seated outside.

While not all restaurants in Nashville have an outdoor area dedicated to seating and dining, there are some amazing restaurants that not only allow the dogs to be seated outside, but also provide them with service dogs as a meal, menu, or dedicated seating place.

Although you may have not noticed how many dog-friendly eating places there are for dogs, it’s interesting to note the following fact – according to a survey conducted a few years back, Nashville millennials rather prefer having a pet than a child, which resulted in more pet dogs than children in Nashville.

With that in mind, even dogs deserve to unwind now and then, and Nashville is a perfect place for that. If you plan on visiting Nashville sooner than later, feel free to bring your dog with you, as we listed the best dog-friendly restaurants in Nashville. Continue reading to learn more.

Most Popular Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville

Who says that you can’t have a great day out with your dog in Nashville? Here are the most popular restaurants in Nashville that also welcome dogs as their guests in the outdoor area or patio.

Semper Slider

Semper Slider is a small slider restaurant in Nashville surrounded by some great amenities. Its owner, Zachary, has appeared several times on Food Network before even starting this small eating place. It’s a small restaurant, but it has a website and social media which regularly gets updated with new meals and updates around events that take place at the restaurant.

If you’re walking your dog near Music Valley Village and Cooter’s Dukes of Hazzard Museum, you won’t miss a big green container with the Semper Sliders logo. What makes this restaurant stand out compared to the competition is the amazing positive energy and the ambiance in the restaurant.

The restaurant prides itself on using fresh and quality ingredients to make the most delicious sliders, burgers, sandwiches, and much more. And why wouldn’t it? Nashville and Tennessee are full of fields and farm markets that pride themselves in selling fresh and organic ingredients.

If you plan to visit this food truck with your best furry friend, make sure to plan your time accordingly, as the place is oftentimes full of people. The service is amazing, the staff is helpful and kind, and some burgers. It’s also a great place for vegans as meat-based burgers can be swapped for vegan-friendly options. Don’t miss out on trying the Le Paquet Slider and Farm Hand Slider.

Most Popular Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville - Semper Slider

Red Perch

Red Perch is a restaurant with an interesting name that serves amazing fish-made meals with interesting twisty recipes. It has a large patio that makes it dog friendly, and its amazing ambiance will allow you to relax no matter which time of day you’re coming.

Although Fish and Chips can be called an Australian national meal, that doesn’t mean that this famous meal can’t be found in the United States. No need to go to the other side of the world, you can enjoy homemade Fish and Chips and other recipes at an affordable price on the patio along with your dog.

The owner is from the Australian area which is why he opened this restaurant, sharing traditional Australian meals made out of fish. If you pay a visit to Sylvan Supply commercial center there’s no chance that you and your dog can miss Red Perch.

The elevated porch of the restaurant has a great view as well as an ambiance. The staff is friendly, and welcoming and will also take care of your pet. If you don’t know what to order, you can check the daily specialties that change every day. Some of the meals worth trying are cod and chips, ahi poke bowl, and clam chowder.

Most Popular Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville - Red Perch

Mofongo Cafe

A restaurant with an interesting name will greet you with a beautiful elevated porch where you can sit back and relax on the beautiful view, as the tasty and mouth-watering aroma of Caribbean and Dominican Republic cuisine sways in the air.

You can also bring your pet buddy, which is the best way to bond while enjoying some interesting meals and drinks. Mofongo Café is a Caribbean-based restaurant, that made its way into Nashville to promote Caribbean cuisine. There are a lot of interesting meals, many of which are also appropriate for your dog.

You can order outside, and the staff will bring it to you. There’s also a chalkboard where daily specialties are written and if you’re undecided a friendly and hospitable waiter will recommend the best specialties from the cuisine dedicated to your needs and request.

If you visit there are two options, you can either get the food prepared just for you or visit the buffet to fill your plate with anything you want. Some of the people’s favorite meals are shrimp and chicken with fried plantains, which is a popular traditional meal in Puerto Rico. Alternatively, you can choose one of the Cuban sandwiches or the Rope Viejo. There are also plenty of vegan-friendly options.

Most Popular Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville - Mofongo Cafe

Red’s 615 Kitchen

Recently we spent time reviewing Oceania-inspired restaurants, as well as specialties from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. This restaurant combines the best of cuisines with traditional American crunchy chicken, which is exactly what Nashville’s cuisine is all about. Visit Red’s 615 Kitchen.

The restaurant was founded in 2017 and going strong since then. It initially started as a food truck, but now it’s so convenient you can easily order online, get a delivery or take away. If you’re looking for hot and spicy fried chicken that will make your salivary glands water, this is the best place you visit.

Although these specialties may be too strong for your dog, you can still bring them with you and have them stare at you with their puppy eyes while you’re enjoying some of the most savory and delicious fried crunchy chicken.

If you want to bring your pet with you, there’s a deck that is suitable for pets. You can also try out some of the sandwiches and if you want your dog to eat too, you should opt for some less spicy meals. Still, if you want to see how far your hot spice resistance goes, make sure to check the spicing grade.

The restaurant staff will help you choose the best options and the overall décor will just relax you along with refreshing drinks that are on the restaurant’s menu.

Most Popular Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville - Red's 615 Kitchen

King Tut’s

King Tut’s will take you to an Egyptian-based oasis in the middle of Nashville, Tennessee, serving both you and your dog like pharaohs with flavor-rich traditional Mediterranean cuisine, with Middle Eastern additions to the menu.

Located at the heart of Nashville, this beautiful oasis has both indoor and outdoor areas. The outdoor area is a beautiful patio with many plants, murals, graffiti, and an overall perfect décor that will make you feel like you’re experiencing a new culture. The area is pet-friendly, so you can bring your dog to unwind from a long walk, and also enjoy their traditional cuisine.

The staff is friendly, welcoming, warm, and helpful. They are very knowledgeable about the meals they are serving and will greet you with a personalized experience. Everything about this place is worth mentioning starting from the amazing atmosphere and staff to super-delicious meals even your dog can try.

Some of the specialties include chicken Shwarma, Koshari and Hawawshi, chicken gyro, and various salads that will make your meal complete. The view of the Pyramid and Sphinx artwork deco will make you feel like you’re visiting Egypt.

Most Popular Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville - King Tut's

Peg Leg Porker BBQ

Although Nashville is all about fried crunchy chicken, there is nothing wrong with opting for some pork ribs every once in a while, especially thanks to the patio that comes with the restaurant, stunning view, and green light for your best furry friends. This place is a must-visit if you and your dog are up for a fulfilling meal.

There is a large, spacious patio where your pets can both play and eat and you can unwind. There’s a large parking so finding a parking spot with your car won’t be an issue if that’s how you’ll visit the restaurant. The menu is pretty large and the portions are as well, so you and your dog might even want to share some of the real magic happening on the plates.

The staff is helpful, and friendly, and will always assist you in making the final decision on which meal you’ll pick. The only bad side of the place overall is that the patio is open, so you don’t want to visit when it’s raining. The prices are okay and there are no long wait times. The place ensures comfort and leisure at the highest standard.

If you want to try some of the traditional recipes, your mouth will water from the signature smoked dry pork ribs. For chicken lovers, there are many chicken-based options, though those who want to eat a brisket may need to try their luck elsewhere. Don’t forget to try some traditional wine with ribs. The combo is ultra-savory!

Most Popular Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville - Peg Leg Porker BBQ

Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey is one of the best chill café restaurants that you may want to visit with your pet. They may not have a large spacious area for your dog to play in and relax, depending on the location, but the atmosphere is overall excellent and laid back, and sometimes people and their pets just want to slow down and unwind.

This is exactly what this café restaurant allows. You’re taking a walk in Nashville and after stumbling upon one of the Frothy Monkey restaurants you want to relax. They have the absolute best latte, but there are other experimental and customizable coffee mixes to try out.

The staff will help choose what you prefer, regardless of whether it is a latte, macchiato, or a white mocha. The place serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you’re more than welcome to come anytime morning through evening. When you’re not with your dog, you may even want to sit inside and admire the décor and lovely ambiance.

If you’re visiting for breakfast, you should try their pastry selection. The fresh and juicy pastry will be just what you need to start your day. Eggs, sausages, salmon, and super-delicious bread taste otherworldly, and we’re sure your dog would love trying them out too.

Most Popular Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville - Frothy Monkey

Adele’s Nashville

It’s no secret that people in Nashville love their dogs enough to give them everything to make them feel appreciated and loved. If you’re one of such people your dog truly deserves it and you both deserve to be treated with a fancier and more upscale dining experience.

That’s exactly what Adele’s restaurant in Nashville brings to the table – next to large plates of delicious dishes, exploring new American cuisine with a twist of other cultures. This restaurant offers only a dining experience, but it comes with an ultra-large lovely patio that boasts an all-time nice atmosphere.

Their menu often changes, so if you don’t have a habit of visiting regularly habit, the staff will help you choose new menu items and give you personalized offers. It’s also worth mentioning that there is a large parking so if you’re coming with a car, you’ll be sure to have enough space.

When it comes to meals, they’re all quite large and you’ll be able to share them with your pet. A mix of different cuisines that make the authentic American dish offer includes roasted chicken in kale salad, NY strip, baked eggs, JW chicken, and much more. They also have some great desserts worth ordering, just make sure to have your dog steer clear of chocolate!

Most Popular Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville - Adele's Nashville

Margot Cafe & Bar

Margot Café & Bar is a fine dining place that offers a personalized experience, a great atmosphere, tasty and savory food, and a dedicated space where your dogs can enjoy and share special moments and memories with you.

It has a little vintage touch and finish which makes it stand out from other restaurants. When you enter, you’ll be greeted by a large bar with different wine and liquor offers. What’s more important for you, there’s a covered brick patio and an open-space, no-ceiling patio where you and your dog are more than welcome to order drinks and food.

Prices are on a bit higher scale, and it’s worth mentioning that this restaurant opens at night, which makes it eligible only for dinners. The portions are large, plentiful, and varied so your dog can try them out. It has a multi-course offer, and the dedicated and devoted staff will do their best to help you choose a combination of meals you’ll enjoy the most.

What your dog will enjoy is the flower-filled gardens, and fresh air, as well as some specialties you can share. The restaurant has an open kitchen so you’ll feel the tasty aroma sway in the air on the evenings you choose to visit. If you’re feeling adventurous make sure to try savory chicken and dumplings, as well as Mediterranean spiced lamb belly and a plethora of desserts that are on offer.

Most Popular Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Nashville - Margot Cafe & Bar

Things to Consider When Visiting Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Whether you and your furry friend already visited several restaurants before or you’re new to having a pet dog and want to take them for a meal there are a few things you need to keep in your mind when visiting dog-friendly restaurants in Nashville.

Restaurant Policies

Just because some restaurant has a dedicated outdoor area like a porch or a spacious patio it doesn’t mean that they are automatically dog-friendly. It’s important to thoroughly check if the restaurant has certain policies that refer to taking dogs to a meal.

Always respect the policies and guidelines that the restaurants establish for their guests. That way, you’ll know what to bring with you when taking your dog for a hot meal.

Make Sure Your Dog is Obedient & Well-Behaved

No one wants to deal with aggressive and disobedient dogs. Your dog needs to be by your side or in the dedicated playing area. A well-behaved dog will make other guests comfortable around you and you don’t want your pet to disrupt other people’s dinners.

It’s worth mentioning that other people may also bring their dogs, and starting a conflict between two dogs isn’t good for you or the restaurant owners. If your dog acts anxious and stressed around other people and dogs, then you should give it a second thought about whether to bring your dog to a restaurant or not.

Bring Everything You Think You’ll Need

Make sure to bring all the supplies you think your dog will need. Since you’ll be visiting a restaurant where other people will be eating too, it’s important to adhere to all sanitary standards. That’s why you need to ensure to bring poop bags, water bowls, as well as a leash if your dog starts being restless and walking up to other guests and disrupting them.

Be Compassionate About Other Guests

As mentioned earlier in the article, it’s important to be considerate of other guests and show empathy. Some guests may be together with their little children who are afraid of dogs or have experienced trauma from another dog in the past.

That being said, if they show that they are anxious or expressed that they are scared don’t put you or your dog in an uncomfortable position. People often come to have a conversation and a loud barking dog may feel disturbing to them.

Make Sure Your Dog is Clean

Nobody wants to smell other dogs’ bad odor. Although it’s known that some dogs have delicate hair that shouldn’t often be exposed to water, it’s important to practice good hygiene for your dog.

During some times of the year, your dog will start shedding their hair, which is why you should consider bringing a blanket that you’ll put under your seat where your dog rests. That way you can prevent extra hair from falling to the ground, making it easier for restaurant staff to keep the patio or porch clean.

Lastly, Know Your Dog’s Limits

Dogs love being outside and spending good time with their owners. However, if they are sitting in an unknown space for an extended amount of time, surrounded by other pets and people they may not know, they might become nervous and anxious.

Additionally, they don’t react well to excessive temperature changes, so sitting on a heated patio during the summer may feel like a little too much for them. If you notice your dog is being restless and uncomfortable, perhaps it’s time to go home or get a refreshing treat.

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